COVID-19 otherwise known as CoronaVirus has spread all over the world and has been in Sacramento for some time now. The effects are beginning to take hold in Sacramento’s local population and economy.

While many businesses that are considered “essential” are able to stay open such as take out restaurants and grocery stores, many other businesses have had to shut down completely due to COVID-19. The Historical Tower Theater on Broadway was one of these businesses, they officially shut down operations on March 17th.

“It sucks, I had to like, sign up for unemployment pretty quickly and I have not heard back,” said Alan Plummer, who was an employee at Tower Theater before the shut down. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon story in Sacramento at the moment as most theaters and businesses that are considered “non-essential” have shut down. 

The panic surrounding COVID-19 has also made it hard for people to get the essential items they need.

“I think people going out and digging around for toilet paper like it’s the apocalypse are probably overdoing it a little bit but, they don’t know what to do,” said Alan. 

It’s no secret that toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and medical masks have been the hot items that people have been stocking up on. However canned goods and non-perishable food items have also been in short supply due to mass hoarding. Luckily, grocery stores recently began implementing limits to how many items one person can buy to try and combat this.

However, it isn’t all bad. A lot of folks around Sacramento are still in high spirits. For example, when asked how he was preparing for the shut down Alan said, “I’m treating it like a sleepover man.” Meaning he is buying junk food and catching up on shows and video games with all his free time.

For now stay inside, practice social distancing, and catch up on all the things you are usually too busy to do!