Since being established and outlined in the Constitution, the census has been vital to American politics and provides demographic information about the whole country for all official purposes. 

The census helps divide house seats by population and also determine resource allocation.

It is extremely important to have an accurate count of not only how many people live in each region, state, city, and neighborhood, but also demographic information such as age, race, and sex.

While youth are not often the ones filling out the census, they have been extremely vocal in pushing community members to fill out the census and spreading awareness about what the census is and is not. Another way in which young folks are critical to the census is the fact that many young adults are rarely counted. 

With hundreds of contests held across the country to raise teen awareness about the census, it suffices to say that teen advocates are very important to the collection of census data. One major partner of the Census Bureau is the Boys And Girls Club. When the census comes each spring providing seasonal employment opportunities there are also opportunities provided for teens to get involved and help spread information to their communities.

Another way in which young people are integral to the census is the fact that 18-24-year-olds are consistently undercounted leading to many problems. According to the United States Census Bureau, about 45% of people in this age range do not live with their parents and are called “young and mobile”, these people are much less likely to respond to the census especially if they are students or do not have one permanent place of residence. 

It is beyond important to respond to the census to help provide the government with an accurate count in order to best distribute funding and resources. One can respond to the census online, through the mail, or over the phone. More information can be found here.