From February 8th all the way through April 17th the Sacramento Public Library planned to host Prom Giveaway events at various library locations around Sacramento. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, these events have been cancelled for the rest of the month of March and possibly April depending on how things change in the coming weeks.


However, the Prom Giveaway and events like it may be moved to other dates later this year and in the past they have been very successful. The Prom Drive was started by a teen advisory board at the “North Highlands Antelope Library” about 7 years ago.  


“We usually serve probably between 300 and 500 teens… People often report the library is a safe space”, said Christie Hamm who is the Youth Services Manager for the Sacramento Public Library. She added that this event is an opportunity for the community to give back and allow teens a safe space to express themselves.


The Prom Giveaway is an event that gives youth who can’t afford professional looking clothes a chance to get some. The Sacramento Public Library reaches out to the community to donate clothes and accessories and then use libraries all over Sacramento to set up multiple one stop shops for free high end clothes. While these clothes are mostly centered around Prom it is also an opportunity for kids to get job interviews or whatever else they may need high end clothes for.


As of right now The Sacramento Public Library is unsure when they will be opening back up and if the Prom Drive will just be pushed back or cancelled altogether. Libraries around Sacramento have already received loads of donations. However, with schools closing down and the possibility of Prom being shut down altogether they don’t know if the demand will be there. In an interview Christie said, “Once we are back open I imagine we will pop up some giveaway events.” so there is still hope!