In any hospital, the capacity to treat patients is limited by how many beds they can provide to the people in need. If many people with COVID-19 surge through the hospital and it becomes full, then a crisis is in our hands as people with severe cases of COVID-19, including people with other issues,  can’t get treatment; which can cause avoidable deaths.

A mantra has emerged from this epidemic called “Flatten the Curve”. It is a phrase that has picked up momentum and in recent days a hashtag can be seen across all media platforms. Social distancing is a part we should all play as this is an example of flattening the curve, the idea isn’t about what part of the population is getting sick, or if you are sick. 

Everyone should be practicing good hygiene and social distancing. We are lucky to live in this present moment as communication is readily accessible by a phone call or text, and we are never short on distractions. 

To slow down the spread of COVID-19 and play your part, you must limit yourself from public transit, social gatherings, and keep isolated until things cool down. 

Many local business, schools, and major franchises are shutting their doors, even major sporting associations are postponing seasons to minimize social activity because of the virus. 

Almost 200,000 confirmed cases from around the world have been accounted for with a little over 7,000 total deceased and a total of 136 countries. The USA itself has 4,500 confirmed cases and is steadily climbing with a majority of cases in New York, Washington, and California. 2-4% of deaths caused from the virus are a majority of the elderly and others with medical disabilities. Those who are not at risk will not be affected medically, but surely will be affected economically.