Katie Valenzuela is currently leading in votes against Steve Hansen in her run for City Council. She is leading by about 1,000 votes and it looks like she is going to win.


She made the decision to run towards the end of 2018 after fighting to have any kind of rent protection in Sacramento. 


“At the end of 2018 we were feeling pretty helpless that anything would move and that’s when I decided to start talking to folks about what it would take to run”, says Katie.


The housing and homeless crisis is a problem that is very important to Katie. She plans to create safe camping sites on public land for people who are affected by homelessness.


 “We own, in the city, 69 parcels that are potentially surplus that total over 90 acres and that’s not even counting county lands”, she adds.


She hopes that with this election, she will abolish gentrification in Sacramento. One way that she hopes to combat gentrification is through a strategy called COPA (Community Opportunity to Purchase Act). When a landlord decides to sell their property, COPA gives the tenants or the community 45 days to raise money to meet the market price and purchase it themselves.


Katie hopes that with these programs, among others, that she can make Sacramento a better place.