On Thursday February 27th, California’s Little Hoover Commission held a public hearing on intimate partner violence at the State Capitol. They shared statistics and stories of intimate partner violence. 


The Center for Disease Control reported that almost 1 in 11 high school girls and 1 in 15 high school boys, have had experiences with physical dating violence in 2019. Unfortunately teens who experience intimate partner violence are more likely to engage in unhealthy relationships as adults.


Susan Rubio, who is a survivor of intimate partner violence and has since become a California Senator, was in attendance at this hearing. She shared that “More than one third of women and one fourth of men experience physical, psychological, or sexual abuse by their partner during their lifetime.” 


She also shared personal stories of people close to her who were victims of Intimate partner violence. Rubio explained how this violence affects more than just those in the relationship, especially kids. 


She began to share her personal experiences regarding how hard it is to speak out against your abuser. “It’s not just the abuse that affects victims but it’s the aftermath… that fear of speaking out, the fear of people not believing their stories, and so it’s really important that we look at the big picture.” These stories help other victims come forward and it is important that they are shared.