The necessities in life such as water, food, love, expression, are all are available around us. We get to enjoy the luxuries of easy access to food, that hunters and gatherers before us didn’t have.

In Sacramento, there is always a local-owned corner market or franchised store nearby to suit your needs. But that’s not the case for Oak Park. By March 31st, the Food Source on Stockton Boulevard will be shut down. 

Oak Park is a melting pot community; the spectrum varies from 1st generation families  to Sacramento City College Students which the majority of are in poverty and living paycheck to paycheck. Food Sources formatting with its pricing fits well for the demographic of the neighborhood; not too expensive and great variation of goods available.

A few locals in the store took the time to answer a few questions on the subject, these are their responses. 

How many times a week do you shop at Food Source? 

“Usually about 3 to 4 times within a few days most times, I have to ride my bike from Sac High here, mainly to get snacks and stuff but my wife is the one that does the cooking in the house for the boys and me. She just gives me a list most days when I tell her I’m headed to the store.” 

– Willson McGregory 

Are the prices at the store a challenge for you? 

“Not when you got EBT, it helps combined with my paychecks, you know bills and all of that can be stressful but being just above water level has its benefits, you just cant be afraid to ask seek help.’’ 

– Mia Thomson 

Most people throughout the day didn’t have much knowledge about the closing and were shocked. Many took buses, bikes, and even walked because it has the resources that corner markets cannot provide. Shoppers wondered what was going to be put in place.

Many speculated it may be a shopping center, or apartment housing that would be too expensive for the area surrounding it. 

There is a survey you can take as The City of Sacramento Office of Innovation and Economic Development and the offices of Councilmembers Jay Schenirer and Eric Guerra are looking into the subject. 8R4ZA3uzMGG30I6dwZ2znhTjJFDAc