After approval by Sacramento City Council on Tuesday, February 18th, homeless shelter cabins are scheduled to be constructed in an abandoned lot in North Sacramento next to St. Paul Church of God in Christ, located at 2771 Grove Avenue. According to Item 01 of Sacramento City Council discussion report, the project is designed explicitly to house ‘unsheltered transitional youth’ between the ages of 18 and 24.


The project is conceived as part of Governor Newsom’s 100-day challenge in which California cities and counties can be deemed eligible for receiving a $35 million state housing grant for completing large-scale anti-homelessness projects within 100 days. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has formally accepted the challenge, and the North Sacramento cabin project is scheduled to be completed by March 2020 in order to meet the 100-day deadline.


In addition to housing, the cabins will feature on-site job training, financial literacy education, and mental health services. There will be nearly 50 young adults residing in the cabins at a time, with the residents set to occupy the cabins for approximately six months before transitioning into permanent housing.


The project has received from City Councilman Allen Warren at a community meeting regarding the development at the neighboring St. Paul Church of God in Christ. Warren has also proposed a homeless shelter for up to 700 people in a vacant lot only two blocks from the cabins, and plans to host a series of future community meetings to discuss the plans.


Additionally, Pastor Larry K. Joyner of the neighboring church has been working with the church staff to provide meals for the local homeless community and has expressed support for the project. A housing project of 18 tiny homes referred to as ‘Compassion Village‘ is currently in place in the area, and according to city officials will not be affected by the new cabin development.


“Hopefully in the in next 60 days,” said Councilman Warren, “we’ll have a project we will be able to point to and say, ‘This is one of the major steps in moving the city forward’.”