The March 3rd California ballot will include Proposition 13. Prop. 13 is a $15 billion state bond being used to help California community colleges and universities as well as K-12 schools in a number of different ways.


As of right now Prop. 13 has a detailed plan to spend the money. $6 billion will be going to higher education with $2 billion going to community colleges, $2 billion going to California State Universities, and $2 billion going to University of California. $9 Billion will be set aside for K-12 Education. $5.2 billion has been set aside for renovations and $150 million is being spent specifically on testing and reducing lead in school water. $2.8 billion will be spent on new construction. $500 million will be spent on charter school facilities and the last $500 million will be spent on career technical program facilities. 


“In our last assessment, we have over 3 billion dollars in repair and upgrade needs. That’s billion with a B. We don’t have the resources needed to address those needs.” says Michael Minnick, the Vice President of the SCUSD School Board.


Prop. 13 will also be distributing money based on priority. Schools that have the biggest health and safety needs will be made a priority. School districts that have tiny tax bases will also get top priority. 10% of state money is being reserved for school districts with less than 2,500 students. These smaller districts have been arguably disadvantaged under the existing system, Prop. 13 aims to change that.


Proposition 13 plans to fund school districts all over California for various projects that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish.