Video and article by Romeo Morales

Music is an essential part of many people’s daily life, some wake up to it, others listen to it while in transit to work, or when hanging out with friends. It can accompany us through hard times and alleviate our troubles. Music also inspires many to pick up an instrument or utilize their voice and let the creative process take hold of them; to learn and practice the craft of song-making. 


Musiclandria provides a safe haven for practitioners of an instrument or people who are willing to learn and have no idea where to start. They are dedicated to breaking down the barriers of music exploration with a free music library for the city of Sacramento. 


“It’s important for people to know that Musiclandria is for the economic development purposes within the community. I think we can really help through our programs here, music enthusiast not only get access to gear, but really a chance to pursue a career in music, from every stage in that journey we try really hard to provide access and education, after that community development, such as live performance and community building and professional development.” 


“We try to provide a service that will allow any level of a music enthusiast to engage in some way.’’ A quote from an Interview with Buddy from Musiclandria about the educational services they provide at all skill levels. 


Musiclandria is at the end of 6th ave on Freeport Blvd across from C.K. McClatchy HighSchool, a link to Musiclandria’s website will be provided below to become a volunteer, be sure to keep up for their most recent hosted events.