Akinsanya Kambon is a former Black Panther, Vietnam Veteran, art professor, and multimedia artist. His art is on display at American Expressions / African Roots exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum. To make the sculptures on display, Mr. Kambon used a Western-styled Raku modeled after a traditional Japanese ceramic-making method. In this interview, he discusses this art-making method and the ceremonies that accompany it, his experiences in Vietnam and with the Black Panthers, and more.



What is Raku? (00:03)

How did you get started with ceramics? (01:07)

Breaking into the Crocker (02:14)

White Supremacists in Vietnam (04:07)

Segregation in Vietnam (06:45)

Detroit Blue (08:41)

How did you get involved with the Black Panther Party? (11:15)

What is the message of your art? (12:18)