This weekend, I was able to experience the Statewide Youth Media Conference 2020. Here, I learned about leadership, communication, and self awareness from other media journalists across the state.

I did not have any expectations as this was my first time attending this kind of conference. I listened to stories and experiences from fellow youth media journalists and they enlightened my own process of how I conduct my work and expectations in the field. I am grateful to be a part of Access Sacramento and my amazing team. We were able to build trust with each other in a short amount of time.

I highly value the patience and techniques that were practiced during the trip with Maria, and Isaac. I’d also like to thank the California Endowment for supporting my personal goals of becoming a better journalist.

I had the pleasure of networking with many groups during the workshops such as the Aja Project, Boyle Heights Beat, and YR Media. The ice breakers we did at the beginning of the conference lead us to have great conversations about who we are and what are goals and passions are. The skills that I learned and connections that I was able to make will forever be cherished.

Being able to learn and build with other journalists who have the same interests as me, strengthened my drive and creativity. I’d like to thank my team and leaders that help us in Access Sacramento and for the staff that helped curate the conference.