Communication can be a powerful force in our lives. Some of us rarely even have someone or somewhere to vent and spark a conversation with, without judgment and prejudice. 


We see current workout trends and are easily aware of the health benefits we gain from eating balanced meals, but for your mental health it isn’t so easy. 


Over 300 million Americans suffer from depression, the most common mental health disorder and yet we attach the stigma that these are signs of weakness. That all changes when you come into what The Movement Presents: Real Men Talk at Sol Collective.


Real Men Talk is a recurring event focusing on brotherhood, mental health, and the overall well-being of the men in our community. Walking in they provide a consistent safe space for men to come and heal, bond, and earn fellowship, the event gave men in the community an outlet to speak freely and openly in an exclusive male setting.


Food is served from  5:30pm – 6pm, everyone in attendance was comfortable with sharing experiences, concerns, and knowledge that often may not be comfortable sharing. The emphasis on normalizing issues that may hurt pride and ego is the first step into accepting guidance to find peace. 


This event helps men put trust into others, and opens ways to communicate by being honest and ethical.


Russell Cummings, the leader of the event is doing the city a service and has many more community events, such as the 100 Youth Conference being held at Sacramento Unified School District Facility. 


To see dates on events visit his Facebook page :