Are you or is someone you know in a mental health crisis? If you need domestic violence safety planning, or support around substance or mental health issues MH First is open all night till dawn Friday through Sunday 7pm – 7am.

 MH First is a mobile mental health first response team made up of doctors, nurses, organizers, mental health professionals, peers, and community members that respond to mental health crises, opioid overdoses, and extract community members from domestic violence situations without involving the police. 

MH First is a program of the Anti Police-Terror Project Sacramento Chapter, a three person team uses de-escalation techniques, non-punitive and life affirming interventions, safety planning and accompaniment to provide community members much needed services. The services provided are maintained with volunteer power through the community based program for people seeking an alternative method to police participant contact situations.

Abuse may it be psychological, physical, or substances, can alternate our perception of reality into the image we create in our minds. Many people have a personal way of coping with depression or destructive situations, but sometimes reaching out for help is the only option we are left with if we want to avoid unnecessary harm to ourselves or others. MH First is here to serve the community and is also accepting volunteers on their facebook page.

To reach MH First text or call 916-670-4062 or direct message on social media accounts @MHFirstsac on Instagram and Facebook.