On Thursday, January 16th, the “Sacramento Solidarity Network” hosted an event at Barrio Cafe called “Prisoner Solidarity Night” where people can come and write letters to prisoners who are currently incarcerated. However, that’s not all the event covered.

Upon walking in you can see all kinds of pamphlets covering a number of different subjects such as sexism in the workplace and women’s self defense alongside pamphlets that gave helpful tips for writing to prisoners. 


The Event Host Colin Meinrath, mentioned that they even support events covering topics such as educating tenants on their rights and fixing brake lights to help people avoid being pulled over. As more guests showed up they began discussing the importance of writing to prisoners as well as the entire justice system as a whole.


But why is writing to prisoners important? Well 90% of incarcerated individuals are eventually released and “Contact with the outside is the biggest factor in whether or not someone is going to go back to prison” according to Colin. 


At this event, Colin encouraged people to write to what he calls “Movement Prisoners”- which are people who have been arrested during protests, strikes, or are arrested under unjust circumstances. 


“You have people in power who label you as, you’re subhuman now”, Co-Host of the event Giselle Garcia said


Melody Yee, an attendee at the event added “It’s important to open those modes of communication… People are usually not what you think they are”.


Prisoner Solidarity Night is a public event. If you would like to get involved, the event is hosted at Barrio Cafe on 21st street every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.