High school students from the MECha de la MET have been organizing the 3rd Women of Color Contingent, for the Women’s March. Ruth Ibarra, a local activist from Norcal Resist and Xico Gonzalez, an activist, artist, a teacher at the MET, and the mentor of their MECha club, have been assisting these students with planning.


Women of color have continually felt excluded in the women’s marches and have felt discriminated against. Members of the MECha club are very aware of the space needed for all women of color to gather together in a non-judgmental space.


“MECha(de la MET) is a cultural and political group for the Latino demographic here at the MET high school. I’ve been attending it since I was a freshman,” shares Trinity Perez, a junior at the MET and co-chair of MECha. Trinity will be sharing an original poem at the rally on Saturday.


Trista Galli, senior and political chair of MECha says, “In the past, the Women’s March has lacked intersectionality and diversity of attendees so the Women Of Color Contingent was created to provide a space for women of color who felt pushed out of the conversation. Not only is organizing and attending marches like these empowering but important in maintaining our causes as both people of color and women.”


This rally is free to the public and will begin at 8 am on Saturday, January 18th at the MET High School. All women of color are encouraged to come out to the rally before marching together to the Capitol-joining the Women’s March at 10 am.