After months of work from various environmental justice organizations and the hard work of many young activists, the City of Sacramento passed a climate emergency declaration on December 10.  The declaration is one of many that have been popping up across the country and local governments commit themselves to bolder climate action even as the Federal Government withdraws from agreements such as the Paris Accords.   

Many local activists have been attending meetings with not only the Mayor but also meetings with the Mayors’ Climate Commission to work to convince the Council to vote on a resolution with a 2030 carbon neutrality deadline rather than a deadline of 2045.  Many climate scientists have said that we have less than 10 years to stop many of the effects of climate change from becoming irreversible, that is why so many of these passionate activists have been working tirelessly to get their elected officials to pass a resolution to protect their futures and those of all who are to come after.  

The resolution was on the consent calendar last Tuesday and the city council chambers were overflowing with passionate Sacramentans waiting to give public comment.  After hearing comments from various groups and individuals the council unanimously voted to pass the consent calendar, therefore declaring a climate emergency.

The push for climate justice is not over, but now that the city has acknowledged that we live in a climate crisis, it is now time to decide what to do about it.