A recent Guardian article has highlighted Sacramento as an increasingly popular destination for Bay Area commuters. According to Redfin, Sacramento had the second-highest net inflow of new residents of any US Metro area in 2019, with San Francisco listed as the new residents’ top city of origin. Additionally, Redfin ranked San Francisco as having the second highest outflow of any US Metro area in 2019, with Sacramento listed as the outgoing residents’ top destination.


The Guardian attributes the influx of new residents in part to the increasing Bay Area costs of living. Zumper listed the median bedroom rental price in San Francisco as the highest in the country as of June 2019 at $3,700 per month, over $700 more than the runner-up of New York City, and over twice as much as Sacramento. Another Guardian article cites homelessness in San Francisco as having risen 17% since the previous homeless count, noting that the count is the highest it has been in nearly two decades.


Sacramento has also experienced extreme growth over time.  According to a Summer 2019 YardiMatrix report, the city experienced the third-highest year-over-year growth of their considered metro areas. They calculated the median rent value to be $1,524, higher than the national median of $1,469.


Some reports of growth and gentrification in Sacramento have focused on the Oak Park area, such as a 2017 article by KCET. Zillow reports that the home price in North Oak Park has seen a nearly 200% increase in the past 8 years. They identified a median home price of $131,000 in November 2011, nearly a quarter of the price tag of a new North Oak Park housing complex. “I know there’s a lot of families — legacy families — that have been here 30 to 40 years, and we are starting to see that some of their kids can’t come back because they can’t afford it,” says Oak Park resident and neighborhood committee member Michael Blair. “And some of them, if they didn’t purchase and if they are renting, then they are getting priced out.”


“I remember the days – you know, back in July – when I was truly grateful we had so many transplants here,” writes Sacramento Bee editorial columnist Erika Smith. “But now, it seems Sacramento is cruising at top-speed toward peak San Franciscification.”