So many restaurants carry soda as a beverage, it’s hard to walk into any restaurant and not see soda being served as a beverage. Soda has become such a staple in everyday dining that it is hard to escape.


Why is it that so many people gravitate towards getting soda rather than just getting water or any other drink?


According to a study by Ohio State University, the addictiveness may very well be from design. These brands purposefully engineer just enough sweetener, caffeine, and carbonation to make you want to keep drinking the beverage. 

Many people already know that one soda can have a massive amount of sugar (even more than we should have in a single day) but many people just can’t help themselves from having a soda. Soda can have the same rewarding feeling that people get when taking drugs. Both trigger the release of dopamine in the brain. 

In one study by University of Bordeaux, soda may actually be more rewarding than cocaine.

“The more soda you drink, the bigger the ‘reward’,” said Cordialis Msora-Kasago, a dietician nutritionist. “as would happen with most pleasurable things, we develop an affinity and want even more of them,”

There’s also an on going question on why some people can have a soda once and be fine without another one for a while, while others constantly need the taste of soda.

In one study, there is a possibility that someone need to consume more soda could just be genetic. People who were addicted to soda drinks contained a gene called FTO. Which originally was linked to a lower risk of obesity, but now surprisingly linked to the craving of sweetened beverages.

Many researchers believe that to give up the beverage you must be able to ease yourself into drinking water. Either from getting unsweetened tea or moving onto unsweetened sparkling water until you completely get soda out of your daily meal.