Fall of 2019 has been a busy season for climate activists around the country and Sacramento is no exception.  A variety of groups have come together to organize events, raise awareness, and promote real political change.  Some of the advocacy groups pushing for environmental justice and equity would be the Sunrise Movement and 350 Sacramento.

These are only two of many advocacy groups in the region but they have collaborated on a plethora of projects recently.  Just last week members of the Sunrise Movement along with other climate activists attended a City Council meeting to push elected officials to declare a climate emergency. 

 “Cities are uniquely positioned to take action on the crisis of our warming planet. Declaring a climate emergency allows them to use emergency-mode powers to quickly transition their local landscape and economy in ways inconceivable until recently. The push for such a declaration in Sacramento is being led by a variety of groups, from the youth-led FridaysForFuture Sacramento to established organizations like the Sierra Club of Northern California and 350 Sacramento” local activist, Alex DeNuzzo explained.  

Many activists wore red to symbolize the crisis we are facing and gave public comment to put pressure on the Mayor and his council. 

Photo Credit: Alex DeNuzzo

Another event organized by these local activists was the High School Climate Change Summit, this was an event that provided passionate young people an opportunity to share their ideas and be a part of the legislative process.  Breakout sessions were facilitated by high school students in the region and discussions were led about: equity in environmental justice, green buildings, transportation, and communicating the climate crisis. All of the students’ were addressed by the Mayors of Sacramento and West Sacramento and then had their ideas passed to local representatives who are working to create change from these ideas. 

The next major events these groups have in store are the “Voices of Color For Climate Action” open mic this Friday and the next major Climate Strike on November 29.  These activists and organizations will continue to work hard to combat this climate crisis to create a green and equitable future.