Host Ray Tatar is back in the studio to speak with the Sac Sol Six. Tune in to see what these unique shows are all about.

Heading to the stage are three plays, Evening with Sir Twaddle Dreck, Cock Tales and Dancing Naked in the Universe. An Evening with Sir Twadale is written and performed by Matt Miller. To give you a glimpse into this show the first line of the description reads “Though you may never have heard of him, Sir Twaddle Dreck has been disgracing the stage for decades.”

Cock Tales is written and performed by Richard Broadhurst. This performance gives enlightenment and comprehension of how men think. Dancing Naked in the Universe, written and performed by Richard Winters. In the description of his show is states “While Mr. Winters has flatly stated that he will not act the “dancing” part out, he cannot be trusted, and so, fair warning for the faint of heart.” These three shows are now playing at the Wilkerson Theatre until November 24th.
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