Often when someone is suffering from a mental health issue, people tend to believe that it could just be fixed with medication or just practicing healthier life choices. But as you might expect, mental health is not as simple as it seems to combat. 

For example, many who suffer from depression have their own methods to help minimize the effects such as jogging, running, going to the gym, among other things. But many others believe that solutions such as these have become so norm that they are becoming an issue to actually helping solve mental health issues such as depression. 

“Yeah, Recently when I explain to someone that I am suffering from depression, they’re first response is often like “Do you go to the gym,” or  “You should go for a run, it really clears the mind.” Said, Samantha Vega, a 20-year-old Sacramento City student suffering from depression. “I get that it may work for some people but I feel like there’s still a huge misunderstanding of depression or people with mental health in general. Depression doesn’t just mean sad. It just isn’t that simple.”

In an opinion article by Suzan Moore for the Guardian, she goes into great detail about how many people misunderstand the complexity of mental health issues. She describes that many people may be stigmatizing people with mental health issues and that there is one solution cure for people suffering with illnesses. Suzan describes that many of these issues actually arise from societal stigmas to people with mental health issues.

“People with severe mental illness are not necessarily likable, or comprehensible. Stigma is still attached to schizophrenia and bipolar disorders,” Said Suzan Moore in her opinion article. “Those with these conditions may end up in prison, or as addicts, or on the streets. The economic cost of such illness is huge, the cost to loved ones even bigger.”