Out of all of the people who live in Sacramento, only about half are homeowners. In 2018, Sacramento was ranked among the top 10 worst cities for first-time homeowners. And according to endhomlessness.org, more than 11 million households spend more than half of their income on rent.

So clearly Sacramento and the United States have a real problem with the lack of affordable housing. What most people would consider “affordable housing” is when you’re rent is not over 30% of your income. Leaving about 70% for food, clothing, transportation, and other basic necessities. 

Generally, people in this country agree that having your rent over 30% is not good and is too much of a burden for any working American. But in many communities in Sacramento, renting costs are far for more than 30%. In the community of Mack road in Sacramento, the rent of an apartment in this area reach about 1,300 a month. Considering that Mack Road is a low-income community and many people work minimum wage, this far exceeds 30% of many people’s income in that community. 

“I’ve lived in these apartments for pretty much my whole life and I’m honestly just ready to leave,” Said Audrey Villabolos, A resident that grew up in one of the apartment complexes in Mack Road. “My parents pay more for rent than we do for anything else combined. How do they expect us to want to live here when it’s so hard.”

Many people believe that in Sacramento, affordable housing needs to become commonplace for the people who live here. Currently, there are any movements and even some legislation considerations such as “rent control” that are pushing to make housing affordable for people in Sacramento.