According to the Migration Policy Institute,(MPI) Currently in the United States there are about 42 million immigrants, which makes them about 13% of the United States population. Out those 42 million there are about 18 million immigrant children in which many of them are students attending American school districts. 

Previously in an article here at Access, we spoke about the trauma that many immigrant children have in Trump’s immigrant detention centers. 

But the problems don’t just happen in detention centers. For many immigrant children who are not in detention centers, face some of the same problems and trauma.

Recently the trump administration has continuously tried to make it even more difficult for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to survive in the United States. No doubt for many immigrant children, these efforts have had a negative effect on their mental health.

Fear has been rampant for immigrant children as Trump’s administration has been able to perform ICE raids in rounds in recent months as well as a shooting occurring in El Paso, Texas where immigrants were the target.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in anxiety for our students,” said Jasmine Tarver, the director of mental and support services at KIPP charters schools in Southern California. “They’re worries about their parents or someone in their community who might not be there when they get home.”

Many school districts in California have been able to claim to be a safe haven for immigrant students where ICE is not allowed on school premises and are not allowed to take any children away from campus.

In many aspects this is an effort to help provide a sense of security to immigrant children and their families and for many of them, summer time is a hard time without that sense of safety.

As the trump administration continues to repeal immigrant protection policies, immigrant communities will continue to feel unsafe in the United States.