AccessLocal.Tv sat down with Deputy Probation Officer William Agborsangaya of the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility. William has been working with youth for over 13 years. He has been working in probation for over 5 years, and was previously the supervisor for Sacramento Assessment and Treatment Center, which is a program for juveniles who go into placement.

Deputy Probation Officer William Agborsangaya

During this interview, Deputy Probation Officer William opened up about his experience with working with this population, and shared that not only as an individual with a passion to heal this particular community, but how as a father, it is his duty to help heal them directly from the Youth Detention Center. William believes that youth commit crimes because they are victims of circumstances and situations happening in their communities.

William comes from Cameroon, a country where his family members have been murdered. And because he has experienced so much trauma, he understands how some of these youth are feeling- he meets them on their level and shares a positive and strong perspective with them. His father used storytelling as a way to teach him lessons, as it is a big part of his culture. Officer William uses motivational storytelling to reach the youth in the Detention Facility; many of the kids have come to see William as a father figure. He shared some letters with us, from previous youth in the facility. Some of them call him “Pops”, or “Dad”; many of these youth do not have a parent figure in their life.



As a facilitator of a total of 6 programs in the Sacramento Youth Detention Facility, Officer William understands what this population needs. From building the young men’s self esteem and teaching them manners in the Distinguished Gentlemen Club, to teaching the youth how to evaluate and change their self-image in the S. H. A. R. P. (Safety Health Opportunity Practice) program, the probation department focuses on empowering these young individuals who often don’t experience that at home. 

The programs that Officer William facilitates, he explains, are all based off of three aspects; philosophy of success, literature of success, and culture or a belief system. He currently facilitates Teach 1 Reach 1, Debate Club, Leadership Development, Distinguished Gentlemen, S. H. A. R. P., and Peer Mentor programs.