California is leading the charge with a few other states in suing the current presidential administration’s efforts to change a federal agreement that would put a limitation on how long an immigrant child can be held in a detention center.

This is based on an agreement made in 1997 called the Flores Settlement. Which says that immigrant children are to not be held in any detention centers for no longer than 20 days.

This comes after the administration announced rollbacks and new regulations on how immigrant children are held and cared for in detention centers. Some of the new regulations include removing court oversight and allowing immigrant children to stay for much longer than 20 days.

But the new regulations are not yet approved as they need to be approved by a judge in order for these new regulations to be put into effect. The administration’s new regulations are not likely to be passed onwards as Judge Dolly Gee extended the Flores Agreement back in 2015 during Obama’s presidential administration.

Although this may not go into effect, California Attorney General Xavier Beccera believes the lawsuit should continue as he comes from a state that’s home to so many immigrants.

“We wish to protect them from irreparable harm,” Said Beccera as he announced the lawsuit against the Trump Administration. “The federal government doesn’t have a right to tell us how we provide for the well-being of people in our state.”

The Trump administration will continue to push to have these new regulations while many states such as California will continue to push back. This is a on-going story that access will have much more coverage on in the future.