On Monday night, August 5th, the Sacramento Tenants Union screened a documentary by Black Zebra, called the Stockton Blvd Evictions which shows our cities unhelpful approach to addressing a serious issue, and the inhumane treatment that these people receive by our police. 

In May, homeless people who had tried to create a small community on a Stockton Blvd lot, were evicted by Sacramento County officials.

The Sacramento Tenants Union and the Black Zebra Production Crew has been following this story for many months: offering services and assistance to these people who are not able to find that in Sacramento’s overcrowded shelters-while making sure that they reveal the truth about Sacramento’s housing and homelessness crisis.

Sacramento Steps Forward released a Point in Time Homeless Count on June 26th, showing us that homelessness in Sacramento County has increased by 19%. 5,570 people are experiencing “homelessness on any given night(about 70% are unsheltered)”, they say. 

The Sacramento Tenants union fights for the rights of tenants, including homeless people. On the day of the Stockton Blvd. evictions, The Sacramento Tenants Union protested against county officials, as they had tried to previously work out agreements that would allow these people to stay on the lot, if they kept it clean. But the property owners and local businesses had complained to the city about the camp. Since the evictions, the Tenants Union has been helping these people and regularly checking in on them.

Leticia T. Buitron, a member of Reckless Charity, gave AccessLocal.Tv an update on Betty “Bubbles”, a woman who was a part of the evictions. 

“Betty Bubbles, she got a job. And you should have seen how joyful she was when she got her badge. She got housing. She got shelter not housing, but she wanted us to let everyone know that she got a job and that they’re not lazy and they’re not trying to take handouts or anything. And when she got her badge, she wanted us to let everybody know ‘We’re not just drug addicts. We’re not just homeless, we are people. We are people.’ You know what I mean?”

Black Zebra will be releasing part 4 and 5 of their documentary on this story, as it is crucial for the public to be able to access the truth about our homelessness crisis. Please visit www.blackzebra.org for more information about their nonprofit, and to access their videos on this story. 

Visit https://www.facebook.com/SacTenants/ to learn more about their organization and to get involved with our housing and homelessness crisis.