Hate crimes have been on an increase in the last couple of years. A new report by the University of Santa Barbara from their center for the study of Hate and Extremism has shown that there has been a 9% increase in hate crimes in 30 major American cities. According to the report, this has been the steepest increase since 2015. Making this the fifth consecutive year that hate crimes have been on the rise. 

For these 30 major American cities, as of last year, there were around 1,836 hate crimes. That number has since increased this year to 2,009. The most common victim of these hate crimes have been minorities, members of the LGBT community. 

About 50% of all hate crime is due to race or ethnicity have over 50% of these hate crimes are perpetrated by white people according to a study by Justice.gov. There are many speculations as to why these hate crimes have been on the rise. 

“We began to see this during the presidential election in 2015,” said Derrick Johnson, a leader of a Jewish Organization. “The level of tribalism that was being fueled by presidential candidates, the acceptance of intolerance that has been condoned by President Trump and many others across the country has simply emboldened individuals to be more open and notorious with their racial hatred.”

Just recently on August 4th, 2019. There was a shooting El Paso, Texas. The suspect, Patrick Crusius who is 21 years old. Before the shooting occurred, the suspect has allegedly posted a racist anti-immigrant manifesto on a website called 8chan. 

This is an ongoing story and reports such as the one done by Santa Barbara happen every year. Will we see yet another increase of hate crimes in 2020?