LiveWire this week is not live, but is a special recorded show for you.

GRAS – Jan Spencer and David Baker will be joining host Ray Tatar to talk about the upcoming event Creating Green and Resilient Homes and Neighborhoods.  Jan comes all the way from Eugene Oregon to give this special presentation.  Jan has been transforming his 1/4 acre suburban property for 20 years. Grass to garden, edible landscaping, 6500 gal rain water system, patio to passive solar, reclaim automobile space, passive solar accessory structure and more. 1000’s of people have visited over the years to see what suburbia can look like.  Jan’s interests are a convergence of care for the natural world, permaculture, economics, urban land use and positive human potential. He has been a board member of his neighborhood association for 15 years.  The talk will describe taking these ideas from home into neighborhoods and beyond. What would an economy and culture look like if it was guided by the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual traditions?  Jan will include a short critique of economics as we know it and explain one earth lifestyles. He will describe “allies and assets” in the community and finally, what are the benefits to be gained by creating green and resilient homes and neighborhoods.  For More Information:

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