I’m Ivan Caballero and I have been working here at Access Local for almost four years now. Four awesome years of writing, podcasting, and reporting. This job has given me so many opportunities to expand my skills, so much so that I’m not even entirely sure if I would’ve learned any of these skills on my own or elsewhere.

Before I started working at Access Local, my life had no direction or sense of clarity as to what I wanted as a career. But in July of 2015, I feel that all changed. As soon as I began to go out and report stories for Access Local, I realized that Journalism included all of my favorites hobbies into one single job. Photography, videography, writing, and others are all including in this job and I think that’s why this has called out to me so much.

Since then I’ve developed my skills much further than I could’ve imagined and I am very grateful for this program to have done this for me. I wish that this program does for others what it did to me. Which is giving an opportunity like for someone like me; a teenager who just need to express themselves creatively.

I am grateful to be working with access and I hope I can continue doing what I love and help transform Access Local to be something bigger and exciting for more young people.