The first annual Skyland Art Fest is set to take place on May 17th, at Sol Collective. Skyland Art Fest is the kick-off event for Skyland Youth Media Collective, an up and coming youth ran collective in Sacramento.

Youth often are pushed aside when it comes to event planning, art related ventures, politics etc. However, Skyland Youth Media is one of the many youth collectives attempting to change that narrative and serve as a platform for young creators in Sacramento.

Opportunities for young artists are often restricted by adults who serve as gatekeepers of the art world, which makes it harder for youth to express themselves and put their work out there without being shut down by those with more power. Skyland Youth Media is a youthled collective that puts on events that aim to empower young underrepresented creators and allow them to gain exposure through fun events with limited restrictions.

The event will include over 15 young artists and organizations vending, including FA!FA!, Everything Nice Team, Greasy in Prague and Kare Collective. There will also be a free open mic  as well as zine making workshops available for attendees to partake in.

Skyland is also having an gender-inclusive clothing swap set to happen in early June. To stay updated with Skyland’s future endeavors, follow them on instagram!