The water drinking rate of teens and children in the U.S. is at an extreme low. It is estimated that 1 in 5 children do not drink water daily. Living in California as a teenager, we are constantly reminded of the state’s drought and are often aggressively pressured to conserve when it comes to our water usage. This is what some of my peers at my high school, The Met Sacramento have to say about their own water consumption.

Grayson Kelly 18, Senior.

“I drink maybe 3 bottles worth of water, or at least I try to. If I don’t drink as much water as I usually do, I get light-headed and I feel kind of nauseous, but if I do drink a couple of bottles worth and I usually feel good for the day. With California’s water situation, I try to conserve it a little more for other uses, but for drinking, I think my consumption has stayed the same and hasn’t been too affected.”

Hyde King,17, Junior.

“On average I drink no water. Zero water a day. I don’t get any benefits. I feel exactly the same. I usually just skip it, I drink a lot of juice. I think I get a lot of water through water-rich foods, I eat a lot of grapes and fruits. I prefer to drink mango tango juice and 7 up together, that’s what keeps me hydrated. I think it’s nutritious. I think I just don’t need a lot of water, but also maybe my body’s just given up on trying to make me drink it. Maybe I’m just that close to dying, probably yeah. My water consumption not been affected by this drought it has stayed at 0.The baseline is 0.”

Natalie Robles, 17, Senior.

“I try to drink about a gallon of water a day. I usually always have my bottle with me, and fill it up around 4 times daily. Sometimes I forget it, and will only drink maybe one cup a day, which is so bad for you. But I try to drink as much water as possible. I actually have more energy when I have a lot of water I in my system which is kind of weird, but in a sense, my personality or mood, I just feel lighter!  I’ve had clearer skin, and I have to pee a lot which is actually good cause I’m flushing out all the toxins in my system. I just feel so much better when I have a lot of water. I used to use so many water bottles, which I realize now was really ignorant. I’ve tried to take shorter showers, but I care about my health and I don’t feel like I’m using an excessive amount.”