Steve Hansen, a City of Sacramento Councilmember, has announced that the Midtown area will house the first homeless shelter geared towards LGBTQ youth when it opens hopefully sometime in the summer. It will be located on 21st and P Streets at a property leased by the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

The set-up of the shelter is pretty standard. It’s planned to be open 24 hours a day and plans to hold programs for the transitioning-aged youth. There will be 12 beds and up to 90-day stay periods, but David Heitsuman, Director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center says, “we aren’t planning to kick folks out just because they run up against that artificial deadline.”

According to PBS, “Analyzing the conclusions of eleven studies, that there are approximately 9 million members of the LGBT community in America today. This number would indicate that the LGBT community is larger than the population of 40 American states.”

Quinn Ford, a bisexual youth, says “I think that’s such an incredible idea which would bring comfort to LGBTQ youth. I am in full support of that. I think that this should have already been around earlier but I’m happy they are finally getting started.”

Ford continues by saying, “I also hope that it’s well conducted, executed, and managed because then we will see an increase in LGBTQ shelters if this one goes well.”