While domestic violence has historically been more common among adults, in 2017, the CDC explained that a former or current partner killed about half of female homicide victims. A study released on April 15 by JAMA Pediatrics, was the first study to show that a substantial percentage of teenage homicide victims were killed by a partner and over ninety percent of whom were female.

The study also indicated that while the average age of the homicide victim was 17 years old (meaning that some are older and some are younger), the average perpetrator is over the age of 18.  So not only does this prove the way the male-female dichotomy incites violence, but also how age and power can be abused to hurt these young girls.

“I think that in order to feel validation a lot of girls turn to older men, but the older men are just looking for someone to control,” Said June Robbins, a student at West Campus High School. “Once they begin to grow and be happy with themselves they no longer always need the man but the partner wants to maintain their power over the person”.  

Domestic violence is too often thought of as an adult issue; this study proves that teen dating violence cannot be brushed aside as skirmishes between kids.  However, instead of recognized as a huge societal issue with potentially lethal consequences. This study was just the first of many, proving that lawmakers and society at large have to acknowledge that there is a problem to be proactive and prevent more unnecessary deaths.