On Saturday, April 6th, Peach House Productions hell its annual Peachy Zine Fest at Sol Collective. The one-day festival exhibited an array of artists and zine makers work to the public giving artists a platform to sell their creations.

Zines are self-made and published books made by artists. They usually contain poetry, photography, comics, political essays and everything in between. They are printed on copy paper, staples and distributed for a cheap price or just given out. Zine making has been around since the 60s for artists but in the past decade, the art form has undergone a major resurgence as more and more creatives create their own platforms to let their voices and art be seen and heard.

Zine fairs happen year-round in bigger cities, especially in the Bay Area and Southern California. Sacramento is a city full of creativity and a hub for artists, but aside from galleries and events that artists put on themselves, the opportunities to sell work are on the slimmer side, especially with zines.

“I think inclusive art events are important anywhere, to be honest,” Peach House’s 22-year-old founder and creative director Herine Palacios told me.

“A lot of minorities are taught how to survive but a lot of middle class/white folks are taught to survive as well as thrive so they’re given more opportunities to advance themselves passed the basic necessities, water, food, shelter. But people of color or queer/trans, poor people don’t see the same opportunities because they’re families are busy getting food on the table/stressing about rent. Music and arts are put on the back burner but the creative life has lots of opportunities and needs voices to enhance it. So making space leveled out is in the best interest for everyone.”

Peach House Presents is a local organization that specializes in creating events that promote inclusivity. They put on a fun range of events, from their art and music centered Daydream Festival, to Body Positive Figure Drawing classes, and Queer Cumbia/HipHop Dance Nights.

Having accessible opportunities like this is the key to any city’s art scene to thrive. If you missed this Peachy Zine Fest, Sol Collective will be hosting yet another zine fest in the coming month. Skyland Media will hold its first Skyland Art Fest, a multimedia zine-art and open mic fair event May 17th.

To keep up with Peach House and Skyland Media, follow them on Instagram at Instagram.com/peachhousepresents and Instagram.com/skylandmedia916.