On March 18, 2018, Stephon Clark, a 22-year-old African American man, was shot and killed by police in the Meadowview area of Sacramento, California. Sacramento Police were pursuing Stephon for allegedly breaking car windows. This lead to police chasing him to the back of his Grandmother’s house before mistaking his phone as a gun, shooting him seven times. The death of Stephon Clark has caused major protests in Sacramento and around the United States.

It has now been a year since the Stephon Clark shooting. Last weekend, Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark, held an event in remembrance of his brother. The event was called the Stephon Clark Legacy Weekend and was spread out between 4 days starting out on Friday, March 15 and concluding on Monday, March 18th.

“My role is creative director and this event is as important to me as any national holiday,” said Stevante Clark when speaking about the weekend. “This is my way of making sure that his name 

doesn’t die in vain and this event will be held every year.”

Each day had its own set of activities to honor the legacy of Stephon Clark and support the community in which he lived. Friday was a day for community healing and a teen summit. Saturday saw a mothers brunch meet and greet. Sunday had many activities such as spoken word poetry, a Wakana fashion show, a talent showcase, and a basketball tournament. The weekend event finally ended on Monday with keynote speakers such as The Reverend AI Sharpton and Benjamin Crump.

“And to add insult to injury, to break in to Stephon’s phone and discredit him, put out his family business, to try and pit family members against each other, to play like he was the one that was the victimizer rather than the victim,” Sharpton said in a speech on Monday. “You didn’t go into the policeman’s phones, you didn’t figure out that they had a bad experience at home before they shot him.”

“Stephon’s legacy will help bridge the gap between individuals and at-risk communities and law enforcement,” said Stevante Clark. “Stephon’s legacy will create libraries, museums, resource centers, recreational centers, and help at-risk youth of all races who wish to turn their lives around in a positive way.”

The weekend ended with Stevante Clark and a group of supporters releasing white balloons in the air to honor the memory of Stephon Clark marking one year since the death of his brother, Stephon Clark.