On Thursday, the 24th, Youth Engagement Action Team held a meeting at the Fruitridge Community Collaborative Center. There, members of various organizations including The California Endowment, AccessLocal, IQ Squad, Sacramento FilipinxLGBTQIA+, The Next Gen Art Society and various other groups were represented. There, the groups worked together to discuss the plan it’s social media-based youth empowerment campaign.

Before planning out everything, the group watched several videos about social issues that were created by youth. The videos were all poetry and music based, focused on problems that plagued communities such as the correlation between soda and diabetes in communities of color, drugs abuse and the schools to prison pipeline as well as the hardships of being a youth in an underserved community. The reason these videos were being shown and discussed amongst the groups was to figure out effective methods for getting impactful messages across.

Another activity that was done by the group was a self-analysis project, that was to look into ourselves as individuals and the work we do to advocate for what we care about. We did this to get a better sense of the content of the social media campaign that was being planned. The main topics that were agreed on by the group were gentrification, systematic oppression, and the participants even agreed that they were against the policies of the current administration.

“The goal is to bring light to the bad things that affect the youth in Sacramento,” One participant said as we were brainstorming. “And also empower them so they know they can have hope.”

Participants from the Youth Engagement Action Team all agreed that the meeting was productive and successful and that there would be another one the coming month.