Sacramento is often referred to as the “Farm To Fork Capital of California” but what is often ignored are the people who actually live in it, specifically, those who live in impoverished areas such as South Sacramento.

Based on Sacramento County’s Crime map, parts of South Sacramento see a higher rate of crime than in neighboring communities- especially in parts such as Meadowview. A median household income in Meadowview is around $25,000 with the unemployment rate being 17%. Compare that with a neighborhood close by named Greenhaven, the median household income is at around $100,000 and their unemployment rate is at only 10%.

There are many  issues with Meadowview including crime, unemployment, and more. There needs to be something done as many people in the community feel there is a sense of abandonment or ignorance when it comes to having the city help the community.

“No, I don’t think the city is doing enough to help out this community. It doesn’t even feel like they’re concerned about us,” said Trenton Boyd, a resident in Meadowview. “I voted for the Mayor but I think I regret it. He said some promising things and I felt hopeful but I don’t think I should’ve voted for him.”

Many people in Meadowview feel this way but often don’t have many outlets to have their voice heard. Capital Public Radio hosted an event on January 16th at Cabrillo Park in Meadowview to learn and hear more from the residents of Meadowview about their experiences and their issues with the area.

The event had many activities for families to come by and enjoy, including speaking with the Capitol Public Radio journalists, map exercises, a photo booth, and storytelling opportunities.

This is all for a documentary CPR will be producing named “The View From Here” which will bring light to the issues that many residents feel are being unheard. The documentary is  a year-long project that will include radio shows and podcasts showcasing community voices.

Please visit for updates on their documentary series on Meadowview.