The newly-sworn-in California Governor, Gavin Newsom, brings the hope of new energy and ideas for the office and some trepidation that he will fall into the same rut that other politicians do. I asked three young people in Sacramento for their thoughts on the new administration.

Julia Sidley,16, Sacramento.


“I have high hopes for Gavin Newsom’s poverty plan, his first budget plan allocated millions to early ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and these screenings would be used to take trauma into account so they would not fall into poverty. Newsom also has big plans to reform California’s drug policies, and has harshly criticized the criminal justice system, soaring drug arrests and how people are being views as numbers once they are in the prison system. My ideal vision for the Newsom’s governorship is his focus on young people in education, the justice system and his healthcare plan which entails expanding the age for which a child can stay on their parents medical coverage from 19-26 years. This would help the expansion for healthcare of undocumented folks in California. Newsom recognizes the healthcare expansions as the morally just thing to do, and hopes to move California towards a universal healthcare system. “


Eli Meza, 17 Sacramento


“I do have high hopes for his governorship, specifically for a few things, like how he plans to fix housing in California. He says he wants to build 3.5 million new housing units by 2025, and he feels as if he can reach that goal, while others feel that he can’t. The fact he has a plan is exciting to me, as well as Assemblyman David Chiu. So, that is something I do look forward to, seeing him keep his promise. Not only do I want to see him meet these goals on housing, but I also want him to accomplish what many of Californian’s find to be pressing issues, such as affordability in general, teacher wages and rights for LGBTQIA+ identifying youth and students. To quote a recent tweet from Gavin Newsom’s Twitter account:

‘Outrageous. Trans-Americans who have put their lives on the line to defend our country will be restricted from military service by this administration. There is no basis for this other than ignorance and cruelty.’

This is one of our most pressing issues as Californians and as Americans. Not only am I excited for him to keep his promises, but I fully expect him to and will not allow anything but. Especially as a queer, person of color, I need this white man to do what he claims he will do. Gavin Newsom, I expect the best you can do.”


Arabesque Lynaolu, 18, Sacramento


“The main thing I want Governor Newsom to tackle is what he said in one of his speeches; I want to see him end private prison systems like he has said he will. With that, I want to see him end cash bail in the state because its discriminatory against poor and minority communities. I would also like to see him achieve his goal to have 3.5 million new housing units in 6 years built. Finally, I want to see how he deals with the L.A. school strike, since it’s been affecting thousands of students in that area. I really like what Gavin Newsom’s been saying and doing, but as a poor kid of color from Del Paso Heights, I’m still really on edge because at the end of the day, he is a white man with power, and we’ve all seen what white men with power have done when they abuse it.”



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