Throughout the campaign and into his new governorship, Gavin Newsom caught the attention of Californians with his comprehensive policies and new approaches to the issues plaguing the state.  Newsom’s ideas on LGBTQ+ rights, education, and juvenile justice make it clear that Newsom is willing to make investments in young Californians to improve the future of the state. These proposals have caught the attention of young people across the state as they followed what has been called one of the most important midterm elections in recent years.

Teens from around Sacramento were asked what they thought about Gavin Newsom

Harlan Adams, a former intern for Kevin McCarty’s Assembly District Office recalled “(Newsom) had a really good campaign compared to John Cox … he was able to appeal to more Latinx and working-class voters, that’s why he won…”  Young people were extremely engaged in the election and many paid attention to their local elections but also national elections.

While many are excited about the upcoming years, others are anxious about California’s resources being spread too thin.  Michael Bennett-Wells from West Campus High School said: “Newsom’s policies will be beneficial to a majority of Californians, however, I feel that because he has so many ideas, he may not be able to fund all of them”.  And while these concerns have been raised, Newsom’s budget plans so far have referenced what funds would be used where.

Young people were not only engaged with the election but are also excited and anxious for what is to come.  Kora Spiak from the Young Activists program at West Campus said: “I am so glad we have pro-LGBTQ+ Governor but I am concerned if he will be able to stand up to our current presidential administration.”   

While it is still too early in Gavin Newsom’s term to predict everything that will happen, his policies have given many young people a positive opinion of him. In general, the young people in California this reporter spoke with are extremely hopeful for the governorship of Gavin Newsom.