President Trump and many other White House officials have been invoking the term “crisis at the border.” It’s one of Trump’s administration’s strongest reasons for building a southern border wall. The President has even as going as far as shutting down the government in an attempt to get funding for the border wall.

But does the term “crisis at the border” hold any validity? Is there any real crisis? To find out we will have to look at what the administration believes is a crisis and what the numbers behind them are. President Trump’s three main points for the wall are crime, illegal immigration, and drugs.

When we look at a study done by the Cato Institute, we can see that crime rates among counties by the border are really low compared to counties not along the

border. Counties not among the border have a crime rate of about 378.6 per 100,000. compared to counties that are among the border with 347.8 per 100,000.

If the entire United States in 2017 had crime rates identical to those in counties along the U.S.-Mexico border, there would have been 5,720 fewer homicides, 159,036 fewer property crimes, and 99,205 fewer violent crimes across the entire country,” said in the article published by the Cato Institute.  

The Trump administration makes it seem as if there are many illegal immigrants flooding past the southern border. But in recent years the number of apprehensions has actually decreased compared to previous years. We know this because of a report that was done by the Southwest Border Patrol. It showed that numbers have actually had a steady decrease.

“The President is out of touch with what the values of people who cross over to this country have,” said Angel Perez, a previously undocumented immigrant. “My family brought me here to have a good life and that’s it.”

Drugs crossing the border is an actual issue but critics have been skeptical about if a wall would even help stop the trafficking of drugs into the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration studies show that the majority of drugs cross through official ports of entry.

As of this writing, the federal government is shut down due to Trump’s so-called “crisis”. There is still no funding for a border wall and no telling how far this fight will go.