Hello and welcome to my first contribution to AccessLocal! My name is Star Porras, and I am a new neighborhood news correspondent. I was born on January 5th, 2001, right in South Sacramento, California. I am the oldest of three children, with an eleven-year-old sister and one-year-old baby brother. In terms of astrology, I have a Capricorn Sun, Gemini Rising and a Taurus Moon. I’m a third generation Chicano, who is also transgender-nonbinary. My pronouns are He/Him and They/Them. Currently, I am a senior in high school and plan on going to community college for two years and transferring a four year. While I have not planned out every single step of my life,  I know for certain but I am going to continue to be heavily involved art and activism. I plan to study art and business, but I am keeping my mind open in case I become more interested in other ventures.

I was born to two Chicano artsy activists, and I’ve noticed I have been subconsciously following in both their footsteps. My mother is an incredible organizer and businesswoman and has the ability to excel in everything she does. Her love for collaborative community building and healing has led her to become an incredible and inspiring leader. She founded one of the most prominent community art centers in the city and is involved with an array of incredible international projects. My father is a master of capturing the moment, as he was a professional photographer for years, but later switched to video work when he grew tired of the stillness. He is incredibly creative and has helped me so much as I dive into the same artistic fields he has been passionate about his whole life. My parents There is also my amazing stepdad, who is an audio genius. He is a highly skilled sound engineer, as well as a producer and DJ, who has taught my siblings and I some of his craft. My parents all get along as best friends and even have a band together. Together, we have all traveled to many different kinds of festivals and conferences and shared many unusual learning experiences. I’ve been blessed to have the three of them support and inspire me, and I am doing my best to make them proud.

My passions are all pretty much a mix of my parent’s strengths, but with my own unique flair. I’ve dabbled with many art forms, and plan to keep doing so. My most frequent method is usually drawing, either digitally or with pens and art markers. I also paint with both acrylics and watercolor and plan to get into oils soon. Collaging, sculpting, graphic design, zine making, printmaking, and even fashion design are some of my favorite crafts. Along with those, I also have recently found a deep passion for video and film work. While I have dabbled with photography on 35mm or Polaroid film cameras for years, I’ve started to take digital photography and videos more seriously this past year. I was lucky enough to have a film history class in my junior year, which I now TA for, to open my eyes to the passion didn’t realize I had. Analyzing the cinematography of films from the 1920s to now has inspired me greatly, and I am currently in the process of writing scripts for a few short films I plan to create within the next year. Along with those creative pursuits is also writing, which has always been one of my favorite pastimes. In elementary and middle school I would love to write and illustrate short stories all the time, and then distribute them to friends as gifts. In school, my teachers have always praised my work and used my pieces of examples, whether it be a research report or an excerpt from my autobiography. Combined with my wonder for what is happening around me, journalism is of course just happened to be another creative endeavor I am looking forward to exploring. I probably got that from my grandpa, who had created his own newspaper back when my family was still in Texas, which he now continues in the form of Facebook blog posts. I am looking forward to experiencing all that this field has to offer and to create intriguing content for others to learn from and enjoy.