My name is Julia Sidley, I was born in October of 2002 in Sacramento California.  I am currently a junior at West Campus High School. I am extremely dedicated to my academics however my high school career has been characterized by my role in the Film and Debate programs at my school.

The West Campus Video Production program has played a very large role in my life these past three years.  I established the program my freshman year and it has continued to grow as a program and became a family. I worked with my close friends and we were able to get grants and turn our club into a family.

Finally but probably most notably I am a policy debater.  The policy debate community has shaped me in ways beyond words.  If I am not at school, editing, or filming I am probably in a coffee shop somewhere with my teammates reading dozens of books and law review articles about anything ranging from the philosophy of Agamben, Foucault, and Baudrillard to specific policies and current events.  I have learned more as a part of this community than I have from any other group of people. Because I am a part of this community, I better understand how the world functions around me and I cannot wait to continue learning and growing with them.

In conclusion, my passions for research and communication are wholly representative of my goals in life; to educate myself as best I can and share what I have learned with those around me.  I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been provided at and I cannot wait to share what I can create.