Sacramento Harvest Festival – Brooke Ellis of Pickled Peach will be talking with Ray on tonight’s show -Brooke is a local woman from Lincoln, CA who designs cute, fashionable and age appropriate children’s clothes. Her company is called Picked Peach. Brooke is a brand new vendor to the Harvest Festival but has been making clothes for most of her life. S

he will be bringing an array of mannequins and displays, and she’ll talk about the process of how she makes her clothes, the fabrics she sources, etc. For More Information:

Also joining Ray tonight is Laurie Nadeau of Smokin’ Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix -Laurie is a Harvest Festival veteran exhibitor who makes the most delicious Bloody Mary Mix. Laurie grew up on a farm in Petaluma, so it was always in her blood. She completed school and made her way up to Utah where met a friend who grew tomatoes in his greenhouse and needed to get rid of a tomato surplus. After everything from caning them to making salsas, a friend suggested that she create a Bloody Mary mix, and Smokin’ Mary’s was born. According the Laurie, her mix is the only one she knows of which uses real, locally sourced tomatoes, lemons and limes in her mix.  

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