On Friday, October 26th, Mayor Darrell Steinberg answered questions about Measure U, a tax plan will renew the same tax instituted in 2012 as well as adding an additional half-cent, creating a one-cent tax. 

It was an opportunity for the community, especially South Sacramento Youth, to voice their opinions and ask questions about the proposed tax. Mayor Steinberg, as a vocal supporter of Measure U, focused on the benefits of this proposal.

“Measure U is a once in a generation opportunity to invest in Sacramento’s future, I believe this city has unlimited potential to grow in the right way and to extend the benefits of our growth to all of our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Steinberg.

However, many people who are on a fixed income don’t agree. Some argue that it will burden the poor and homeless who have to pay a higher tax to give up some of their necessities that they need to survive.

“We currently don’t have the financial capacity to invest in high wage jobs creation and affordable housing, and a sustained effort to reduce homelessness and in our young people, Measure U will give us the opportunity to do all of that,” Mayor Steinberg stated.

Mayor Steinberg claims Measure U will fix all the problems that it’s opponents say it creates. It’s also important to remember as well that Measure U is a general tax, and one doesn’t really have specifics as to what it will do as a specific tax needs a 2/3 vote to pass.

So what will you do? No matter what your side is on this issue, it’s important to go out and vote!