Food claiming to be organic has started to have been exposed to have more sugar in it than health experts initially thought. Yogurt is recommended as a healthy option for many infants and children. In a survey in the UK, only 10 percent of organic yogurts had low sugar. Organic foods are typically thought to be healthy alternatives to other foods. But new finding show that those are typically the ones with the highest amounts of sugar. 

Yogurt especially claims to have friendly bacteria or “Probiotics” in it that makes it beneficial to people of all ages. Some people are concerned that the sugar content in yogurt is close to the amount one finds in soft drinks and fruit juices. While yogurt is less concerning for many people than sodas and artificially flavored drinks it can still be concerning for young children that eat yogurt with high sugar in it every day. It would be a much better idea to eat Greek Yogurt instead of yogurt with added sugar and other artificial flavors and added sugar. It would have a benefit for children with the five per day recommendation for fruits and vegetables. 

Although the fat content may be high as well it isn’t as much of a worry, it isn’t a worry because of the recommended portion of fat intake which is typically 95 grams for men and 78 grams for women. What worries most people who know the sugar amount is that yogurt is shown as a healthy food but isn’t the case when it has high amounts of sugar in it.