Over the past few years in California, youth seem to be getting more interested in politics. With that in mind, the state has started an initiative to get youth involved in voting. The way it works is that public schools now have signed up forms for young people to pre-register to vote at. All one needs to have is a state ID to get registered. It’s hoped that this will get young people more interested in voting and in politics. Instagram has partnered with TurboVote to make voter registration as easy as they possibly can. They are using stories and posts in feeds to get youth interested in the voting process, and with youth spending lots of time on social media this is seen as a good campaign. A sticker on Instagram has a link to the pre-registration website meaning that it will only take a couple of minutes to get a young person registered.

“While you are still in school you have the time to research politics,” says Matthew Risley, a 17-year-old Sacramento resident. “When you have full-time employment you have less time to be a part of politics.” 

It can be hard to get involved with politics while you have school and you have to study for tests. But for today’s youth who are on Instagram, pre-registration just got a whole lot easier.