A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival – “A Place Called Sacramento” Film Festival awards 10 family-friendly scripts each year with the opportunity to have the script turned into a movie with a guaranteed big screen world premiere, cable distribution of the Access Sacramento public access cable channel and credit listings on the prestigious Internet Movie Database (IMDB.com).

Triple Shot Latte – One of this year’s script winners Amy Lawrence will be on Live Wire to tell us a little more about her upcoming film premiering October 6th at the Crest Theater.  “Triple Shot Latte – Finding a partner is a project that requires time, energy and an extra clip for the Glock.”

For more Information: www.accesssacramento.org and www.crestsacramento.com

Swipe Right – One of this year’s script winners Nathan Reedy will be on Live Wire to tell us a little more about his upcoming film premiering October 6th at the Crest Theater.  “Swipe Right – The very single and amused Will banters with the very committed and disenchanted Vanessa about the challenges of relationships and finding true romance in the hyper technological world of online dating.”

For more Information: www.accesssacramento.org and www.crestsacramento.com

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