On Wednesday, September 9th, WalkSacramento held a walk audit at Will C. Wood Middle School. WalkSacramento is a non-profit organization made to help develop safe communities for pedestrians. They work with local planners to figure out what would be safest for the community. A walk audit is done to assess the walking and biking environment in an area. These are usually done at any time before, during, or after construction goes on to find issues with the safety or comfort of the area for pedestrians. With that information, the community can offer suggestions for alternate options in that community to make it more accessible.

The Will C. Wood Middle School Walk Audit took place on September 9th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. It is part of the “Safe Routes to School” program which is a program dedicated to finding safer routes for students both walking and biking to school. Studies show that children that walk or bike to school get more physical activity, therefore reducing the risk of obesity.