Throughout  Labor Day weekend at Fremont Park, the annual Chalk It Up Festival took place. Artists and even those who aren’t, took hours out of their weekend to create large chalk pieces on the sidewalk around the park. Pieces were sponsored by nonprofits and companies throughout the Sacramento area and often were advertisements. However, some artists showed what was close to their hearts.


Not only were there chalk pieces around the park, but within the park there were smaller pieces made by anyone who brought chalk. Attendees would walk around and try their best not to step onto the smaller, more faded pieces.


There were vendors from all over the Sacramento area. Some selling food in the “Chalk It Up Food Court”, some selling clothes, bags, and journals and others just giving out information about their businesses. Live performances by various Sacramento bands and artists changed every few hours. From country music, to rock, to soft R&B, music was always playing throughout the park.


As participants sat crouched over their sidewalk squares, attendees walked around and behind them to catch a glimpse of what they were working on. The artists were the stars of the event and were photographed, smiled at and asked questions, as they made their artwork. Chalk It Up 2018 seemed to be well received and the public can’t wait to see what is in store for Chalk It Up 2019!